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An important part of the New Ireland Mangrove and Seagrass Biodiversity Conservation, Livelihoods and Blue Carbon Project is raise the profile of the project and what it is trying to achieve in the media.

Media source: IUCN - Blue Natural Capital on May 25, 2024

Blue Natural Capital

The mangroves of Papa New Guinea remain fairly intact to this day, and provide important ecosystem services for the local communities. However, the mangroves of this region are threatened by projected mining activities in the New Ireland Basin. This situation raises the need for better monitoring and governance in this region to prevent future degradation of mangroves by industrial activities.

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Media source: National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) of PNG / Kundu TV on May 25, 2024

Program launch

Infinity Blue PNG begins initial community engagement with a visit from Director, Stanley Wapot, and lead field scientist, Freddie Alei to explain the benefits and importance of conserving mangrove and sea grass resources.
By: Stanley Wapot.

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